The midwife central (Hebammenzentrale) Ingolstadt is a coordinating point for networking all midwifes working within Ingolstadt city and thus facilitates the obstetric as well as childbed care in Ingolstadt. It offers support for midwifes, pregnant women and young families.

Currently the midwife central Ingolstadt is still in its build-up phase.

As a first measure to enhance and ensure the obstetric care in the summer holidays 2022 a midwifes home visit service was offered in Ingolstadt. After the pilot phase in august 2022 this offer will be continued.

Midwife agency during pregnancy

What is the midwife agency?
It is is a free-of-charge support offer that connects midwifes, that still have capacities for care, with pregnant women, that did not yet find a midwife. The agency arranges midwifes with all of their services before, during and after the birth.
For who is the midwife agency?
It is an offer for women from Ingolstadt that did not find a midwife yet or that need support with the search for a midwife.
How can I get support of the midwifes agency?
The midwife agency works as an online platform. You can register yourself at If you need assistance you can contact us via telephone or email after registration and we try to help you.
For women and/or families the service is free-of-charge.

Midwifes home visit service

What is the midwifes home visit service?

It is a free-of-charge support offer, to get obstetric care at home by a midwife.

For who is the midwifes home visit service?

It is an offer for women in Ingolstadt that are currently in childbed and either did not find a midwife for aftercare or whose caring midwife is on holiday, and need support of a midwife. (Residence in Ingolstadt is a prerequisite. The zip code is decisive.)

How can I get the support of the midwifes home visit service?

The midwifes home visit services can be requested via telephone or e-mail at the midwifes central. It will inform you about the next possible appointments of the midwife on duty and will organize the home visit in close coordination with you.


Midwifes central / Hebammenzentrale
Tel.: +49 (0)841 12127494
Call times: Mo – Fr, 09.00 – 11.00

The midwifes central is administered by the Interessengemeinschaft Ingolstädter Eltern e.V. It is promoted by the Government of Upper Frankonia with budget by the State Ministry of Health and Care as well as the City of Ingolstadt.